What To Do When The Kids Go Wild!

Imagine this. Your kids are on a playdate. Everything is fine. There are a few giggles.  Some stomping. The next minute? The kids are laughing manically, and the house is so trashed it looks like it has seconds until it falls down around you.

The kids have gone wild.

What To Do When The Kids Go Wild!

kids acting wild and crazyThis episode on the Hand in Hand Parenting Podcast we're talking about those moments kids seem to lose all control. Why does crazy happen and what can you do when it hits?

Ever felt like, as a Hand in Hand parent, you should be the playful parent, the one encouraging play? And then you find yourself standing in your kitchen being sprayed by the kids from outside by a water hose? That's what happened to one mom who came to Abigail asking, “How can I reign things in when my kids go wild!”

Abigail and Elle talk about the need for limits and how helpful they are, and how you can set good firm limits and STILL BE PLAYFUL!

Join us this week for a lively chat and discover:

  • What are the differences between being a playful parent and a permissive parent?
  • How to monitor behavior boundaries
  • When to step in and set a limit
  • How to step in when the child is not your own
  • Playful strategies to get everyone listening, on board with your limit and STILL having fun.

Listen to this week's episode What to Do When The Kids Run Wild

More resources for coping when kids get crazy!

This video Seven Ways To Help Kids Get Along gives you seven tools in seven minutes to help solve squabbling.

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