A Four-Point Plan for Getting Back to School With Less Stress

Summer is winding down for Abigail and Elle. That means it's almost time for their kids to head back to school! So this week the hosts ask:

How do YOU feel?

That's also the first step Abigail and Elle outline in a four-point plan for getting back smoothly into the school routine.

Join us for a Back to School Connection Plan

We hear a lot about how difficult life is for our children going back to school, but what we hear about less is how difficult it can be for parents too! So this week we're asking:

  • What if you like a more laid-back routine?
  • What if you worked and felt you missed out on the holidays?
  • What if you have big issues making the school lunch, getting out early or battling over homework?
  • What if you just can't wait for school to start (like, yesterday!!)

Our feelings can have a lot to do with how our children react when school starts.

Add to that the fact that many children can react to the transition back to school with big feelings, whether that shows up in crying and meltdowns, or rigidity and defiance, and need us to anchor them more than usual.

If you need tips for dealing with all of these challenges and more, listen in as we share a four-point plan for getting back to school feeling less stressed and with fewer battles!

More Resources for a Less-Stress Transition Back To School

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This post is also very helpful How to Keep Calm on School Mornings

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