A Little Lite Listening Partnerships Demonstration

A lot of parents ask us about our tool for parents, the Listening Partnership, about how they should run and what they should sound like, so this week on the podcast Elle and Abigail give a demonstration of the tool.

New to Listening Partnerships? What Are They Anyway and How Do They Help Parents De-stress?

two moms talkingListen Partnerships are one of Hand in Hand's five parenting tools and is the only tool to focus on parent self-care. These sessions can really help lighten the load!

Parents can use the tool as a space to air their confusions, stress or parenting challenges, with a parent who listens without offering solutions, for a set amount of time, before switching turns.

The tool is an excellent resource for parents, and allows them to clear blocked thoughts and emotions, so that they can return to their families with renewed energy and enthusiasm for the tough role of parenting!

Abigail and Elle have both come to value the immense effect Listening Time can have on helping them in their parenting.

What Does a Listening Partnership Sound Like?

But lots of parents wonder about how LIstening Time really works or what a Listening Partnership should sound like. So, this week, Elle and Abigail switch listening time, with each focusing on parenting through the summer. Join us as we:

  • Set up the listening partnership turns and timing
  • Decide who records the time
  • Share our feelings on summer
  • Wrap up the Listening Time with a question for one another

If you've been reluctant or nervous to begin a Listening Partnership, or you've had doubts or worries about “doing it right,” we hope you'll enjoy hearing to how this listening time unfolds and feel inspired to dive in.

Listen to the episode here:

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