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Welcome! Say Hello to Three New Certified Hand in Hand Instructors

certified instructor Hand in Hand certifies parents who have learned to use and apply the tools in their own families and with the larger communities. Our certification is a year-long program, more in-depth than any other parenting instruction program we know. It covers brain science, development and practical use of the Hand in Hand Parenting approach, readying instructors to work in varied settings, including in parent groups and consultations, schools, daycares, medical centers and with families in underfunded communities.

The mission? To share tools with parents that bring families closer, whatever the challenge or circumstance.

Say Hello to Three New Certified Hand in Hand Instructors

Meet three newly-certified instructors to find out why they took the training and who they want to work with.

Karen Wolfe, Oakland, California

Child and family therapist Karen came to certification after taking our Professionals Intensive and with a desire to understand more about what parents she works with experience raising their children. She helps children with anxiety and defiance, and parents with overwhelm.
Why did you decide to pursue certification? 
I had an insight in one of my Listening Partnerships in the professional intensives course and thought, “There is so much more behind these doors than I am aware of right now.”
I had to dive in.
What do you love most about the Hand in Hand Parenting approach?
I love how honoring and respectful it is of children's natural intelligence while offering a way to help parents set limits in a way that is really loving and really firm. I love how it emphasizes supporting the restimulation parents must work through as parents. It offers a model of parenting as a transformational journey, as I like to say.
What inspires you to work with parents, and what do you hope to share?
Creating a healthy society starts with reparenting our inner child, offering healthy models of relating to self and other to the next generation. Working with parents today gives me the opportunity to feel that I am making a huge difference in generations to come.
Get to know Karen Wolfe at www.SFBayPlayTherapy.com or Schedule a Consult

Steffi Weh, Germany

As a mom of two, Steffi Weh felt isolated facing her children's major separation trauma, and sleeping difficulties, and aggression until she discovered Patty Wipfler's How to Handle Aggression video on Youtube. I thought, Wow, there is something different about this lady and the way she is talking! She was so lovingly, demonstrative,” she says.
Why did you decide to pursue certification?
After a few experiences when I saw things changing for us, I thought that it would be really wonderful to learn more about the approach – to understand children the way they really are, not as they appear to be. I wanted to delve deeper, to help my family and other families in this unbelievable wonderful way.
As a little girl I wanted to help make this world a better place and through the Hand in Hand Parenting tools I found a way to be supportive and helpful. Everybody deserves this kind of support.
Why is Hand in Hand Parenting's approach so special?
The parent is heard and helped so tremendously! Then, he or she is able to really be there for their children. People are able to build good lives for themselves and their children. That is so wonderful!
What inspires you to work with parents?
I want parents to know that they are able to feel safe and can share their worst thoughts without being judged. Even better, they are seen as good people trying their very best! I love when parents come back and report how things have changed. How happy they look and how connected their families get, and how beautiful it is that they built a better life for themselves and generations to follow.
I really love the idea that if we manage to raise one generation differently, our planet becomes a more peaceful and happier place for all.
Steffi lists recent talks and upcoming classes on her website
Louise Durrant, Fife, Scotland
Louise has two children and was finding being a mom “unrelentingly intense,” with the gap between her parenting ideals and everyday reality growing. “This was painful to me, because I had always felt so strongly about the importance of parenting, and I often felt my children deserved so much more than I was able to give them. I was in the habit of giving myself quite a hard time about the whole parenting thing!”
How did you hear about Hand in Hand Parenting?
I was introduced to Hand in Hand in 2014 by a friend who'd come across the Hand in Hand website and who'd tried using the listening tools with her children and was impressed with the results.
And when did you decide to become an instructor?
 I became excited about the idea of doing the instructor certification programme almost as soon as I started learning about and using the Hand in Hand tools. I realised their enormous potential. This was a learning journey I could dive into for the benefit of myself, my family and ultimately for many others in my community. I was drawn to the idea of doing work with an organisation that increases the overall support available to parents.
Will you be using the Hand in Hand Parenting tools outside of your family?
I work with 3-6-year-olds at an outdoor kindergarten and was already doing some work with parents and other educators, so it made complete sense to me to train as a Hand in Hand instructor. Using the listening tools with the children in my workplace has had many wonderful outcomes, which I'd love to share with parents and childcare practitioners.
Where does the Hand in Hand approach differ from others?
I love that Hand in Hand is so respectful towards children, but equally respects parents. There is such awareness of the challenges that parents face, and the Hand in Hand approach is not only non-judgmental but offers enormous potential for healing. The tools are so well thought through and honed, based on much experience and backed by research. They are clear, accessible, simple and elegant. And… they totally work!
I'm inspired by how much can shift when parents share their stories – speaking what's deeply true for them, and hearing how it is for others. I love that Hand in Hand is working to change the parenting paradigm. It highlights the need for society to give far more acknowledgment, support and value to the work of parenting, and in a very practical way.

Work With Hand in Hand Certified Instructors to Reduce Your Parenting Stress

Hand in Hand Parenting's instructors are passionate about making a real difference for your family.  You can get personalized help with a confidential parent-to-parent consultation, or join one of our Hand in Hand Parenting classes or in-person events. You can see the full calendar here

Becoming a Certified Instructor with Hand in Hand Parenting

Instructor candidates develop mastery in the practice and communication of Hand in Hand Parenting and the use of Hand in Hand curricula, literature, services, and materials.
Find out about becoming an instructor and how you can make a difference in the way the next generation is raised. Listen to this Certification Q & A with Patty Wipfler
Certification applicants must have taken the Hand in Hand Starter Class or the Professionals Intensive, if you are already a professional working with children, before applying to become a Hand in Hand instructor.
Meet more instructors here, and see how they are helping families become closer. Instructor Susan Derby shares how she works with the homeless and this parent describes how the Hand in Hand Starter Class helped turn her son's aggression around.

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