Reframing Your Past Could Be The Key To More Confident and Content Parenting

Psychologist and parenting expert Ross Greene coined quite the term when he said that “Kids do well when they can,” but isn’t exactly the same true of parents?

Reframing your past could be the key to getting there, and becoming a more confident, calm and content parent.


It’s highly unlikely that any of us here set out to be terrible parents, so why do we often end up feeling that way?

This week, Abigail and Elle are looking at trauma and the ways that past traumatic experiences can reverberate in our parenting. Elle asks what exactly trauma is anyway, and we look into identifying trauma and its after-effects.

Past trauma can stall us in our belief and ability to parent consciously, but reframing these experiences can help us heal deeply and move on. Abigail shares a deeply moving account of her pregnancy trauma and how reframing her devastation transformed it into something positive and warm. Much of this came down to the tools she used after discovering Hand in Hand Parenting.

Listen this week and find out how the Hand in Hand tools can help you retell your trauma story, heal and move on.

Listen to Reframing Your Past Could Be The Key To More Content Parenting.

More Resources on How Hand in Hand can Help Parents and Children Recover from Trauma

This article on Re-writing Your Trauma Story is the one Abigail refers to in the podcast and shares the steps she used to retell her story. We hope that this is useful for you too.

You’ll find more ideas about the brain’s ability to heal thanks to neuroplasticity and more ideas about using the tools to move on from toxic stress 

And in Can Hand in Hand Heal Complex Trauma you can read how the tools help children through traumatic experiences

Watch Ross Greene talking about how kids do well when they can in this video

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