Month: December 2018

Hand in Hand Parenting’s Top 5 posts for parents in 2018

Whether you have one child, many children or you are already caring for grandchildren, taking care of kids always poses challenges. Hand in Hand Parenting exists to give parents and others that care for children the support they need to raise children to be their best selves. These five posts have been our most-read this

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Too Many Toys?

What goes hand in hand with holiday gifting? Toys and more toys. This week we’re asking how you feel about toys, what decisions you make around holiday request lists, and how you can keep them in check, plus why we can all expect some meltdowns over toys in the holidays.  On the episode, you’ll hear

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Decoding Tantrums: Little People, Big Feelings

How do you feel when your child has a tantrum? Imagine we had a frank conversation with a group of small children. They could be from any culture. Any place. We’d ask them what they think about their place in the world, so far. These are some of the things they might say: I depend

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My Child is Hitting: Parenting The Problem, Not the Punch

When Kids Hit, What Are They Really Saying?   What should I do when my child hits?  It’s one of the most common questions we get at Hand in Hand Parenting, and it’s the content of this week’s podcast. And no wonder. Hitting can feel dangerous. Offensive. Confusing. But if hitting is so common, why

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Mom and son close up and connecting in post about connecting through play to get tasks done

Thanks for Requesting Special Time Checklist

Thanks for requesting your Special Time Checklist. Check your inbox for an email titled Here is Your Special Time Checklist, this is where your PDF will be. This checklist is designed to help you get the most out of Special Time and to start boosting connection in as little as 10-minutes a day. Learn more

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Your Blueprint for Building Better Habits and Good Behavior

So, you want your kids to walk in the door, hang their jacket, unpack their bags, eat quickly and get back out the door, freshly changed, for practice. But right now you are at, well, walk in the door. BOOM! Cue screaming, crying, defiance and running in the exact opposite direction that you need. So

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