How to Get a Child to Eat When They Refuse

This week, Abigail and Elle respond to a listener who has a 5-year-old picky eater. How can she get her to eat more than a few reliable foods?

Elle talks about her own process parenting her picky eater, including how she discovered that a good, workable solution was as much about her as it was her child.

small boy is upset about eating the food in front of him

And Abigail shares the varied healthy diets her sons sampled (endured!) following their early health scares, and the tips and tools she used to get them on side.

On this episode, we talk about the many things you can try with your picky eater, including:

  • Play – how it can help at the table and completely away from dinner
  • Choices – What, how and when to eat, and variations you might consider
  • Getting cries out ahead of the dinner table
  • Deciphering the actual issues
  • Why it's useful to evaluate your own expectations and eating philosophies as you work with your picky eater
  • Finding peace with your picky eater!

Picky eating can be incredibly stressful and frustrating, even for the most peaceful parent! Listen to How to Get a Child to Eat When They Refuse a create a workable plan for you and your little one.

More Resources for Dinner Times and Picky Eaters

20 Playful Ways to Help Picky Eaters is a fantastic resource if you can be playful around food.

Making connection as high a priority as your meal plan can help ease dinnertime battles. Read why and how in Are You Missing This One Vital Ingredient To Stop Dinnertime Battles

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