Elle and Abigail Meet For the First Time and Talk About Why Parents Deserve a Village!

This week Elle and Abigail finally meet face-to-face! No wonder they felt inspired to make this podcast.

“It takes a village,” so the old proverb says, and anyone who tunes into our podcast for parents often knows that this is all too true. In fact, it's the reason we made the podcast – to share a weekly space for parents so you don't feel alone.

Two moms hugging and smiling, giving support

And, as we meet this first time, we also realise the value in coming together week after week to share, to listen and laugh, to comfort and cry as we make the episodes.

And we want the same for you…

Where's Your Village?

So many of our reviews about the podcast say the episodes help parents feel part of something bigger – and we want that for you not just once a week, but every day and at any time you need it!

Your village doesn't even have to be close physically – we're living proof of that! When you have a village, you have a guide, a force, and a strength behind you as you face your parenting challenges – and we've learnt this year that having that makes them so much easier to overcome.

We're asking you to think about who else you want in your village? It's time to reach for your people! Reach for your support, because parenting shouldn't be a solo sport.

Listen in today and find out why you need to build that village for yourself, and how you can do it. Play the episode 

More Resources About Building A Parenting Village

There are so many ways to reach out and get the support you need within Hand in Hand Parenting. If you haven't already, join one of our facebook groups: Parent Support Group or if your child is 10 and over Parenting By Connection for Older Children.

If you have read our book Listen and want to connect with other like-minded parents, consider a Listen Book Club.

For daily support from instructors, plus regular Q&A call-ins with them and our founder Patty Wipfler, try the Parent Club free for 30 days.

For a deep dive into the tools, and an introduction to Listening Partnerships, with small groups of parents, take our 6-week Starter Class. And you can find all of our talks and classes here.

Stay Connected

We’d love to hear about your parenting challenges. You can follow Hand in Hand on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram. Be sure to drop Elle and Abigail a message at [email protected]

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