Why is it so Hard to Hear your Child Say “I Hate You!”

Three little words with such immense power. Following on from last week’s podcast on children with anger, this week Elle and Abigail suss out why it feels so bad to hear “I hate you,” and the many ways you can respond.

Elle talks about the different reasons she hears “I hate you,” both in anger and as connection bids, and Abigail shares why she thinks they hardly ever hear “I hate you,” in her house.

We also talk about times we can respond playfully, and times we can set limits on hearing those words, and times when “I hate you,” is not aimed at you but is instead thrust at a sibling.

If you’ve felt threatened, upset or confused about the times your child has said “I hate you,” you’ll want to listen into this episode.


More Resources for When Your Child Says “I Hate You.”

Both these articles share where bad words come from and how to manage them in your house: Bad Words from Good Kids and When Kids Words Hurt 

And we love how Hand in Hand Instructor Irina thinks and responds when her child calls her mean mom.

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