Who Else is Watching Your Power Struggles?

Read on to learn why it pays to keep positive with your kids

boy looking at his parent“Last cookie,” you say, lightly.

“No,” your son says. Then he stuffs the cookie into his mouth, grabs three more and runs from the room. 

You’re just about to charge from the kitchen in a chase when your eyes fall on another set of eyes.

Your younger son. Wide-eyed and wondering. 

Who’s in charge here? his eyes seem to say.

How far can we push you? Are you going to lose it? 

This week we’re talking the kid that pushes your buttons…and the brothers and sisters who are watching how you respond. 

How does what you say or do in the heat of the moment reflect on them?

Abigail shares a big win when she got her over-tired tween to bed early, despite his resistance at every opportunity. But what surprised her most was how her younger son responded.

Listen in and feel inspired if you:

  • Struggle with keeping calm in Staylistening
  • Feel like one of your kids is playing you or pushing your buttons
  • Get sucked into debate and reasoning with your child when you set a limit
  • You feel like one child takes up so much more of your energy than the other
  • Power battles between you and one child results in your kids taking sides
  • Feel like you always give in…

You’ll see how your responses can impacts everyone in your house – including you! And why it pays to keep positive with your children in ways you might not imagine…

Listen to Who Else is Watching Your Power Struggles?


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