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One Way To Stop Worrying About Your Toddler’s Aggression

worrying about your toddler's aggression? You aren't alone. 


We see you…

When everyone else is sleeping, finally, but you are wide awake.

Your three-year-old whacked another kid in the playground today, and not for the first time. You worry about your toddler's aggression and wonder what happened to the sweet little boy who used to snuggle up to you so sweetly.

These days, he just pushes you away.

He's so aggressive.

He's so hard to be around.

He fights whatever you say. He tests every single boundary.

Just remembering how he used to laugh makes you cry, because you haven’t seen him that carefree in so long.

Why Is Your Toddler So Aggressive? 

Angry toddler who acts aggressive and worries mom

You really want to sleep.

When you're exhausted like this, you lose it when he acts so out of control. You hate yelling at him.

But your worry grows as the minutes tick. Your mind is racing. You can't sleep.

You have no idea what’s changed. Why he's changed…

You check your phone. 2.23am. You're alone.

No-one will understand.


Sarah Richards would brace herself for the onslaught of hitting, punching, and threats that usually followed her son’s glare.

Her usually creative boy had stopped playing Lego or drawing and had become intense and aggressive since being bullied. His behavior was having a devastating effect on their family life.

Her Son's Behavior Was Having A Devastating Effect

The relationship between him and her two-year-old daughter was in tatters and Sarah was straining to handle it all

Life felt exhausting.

But then she saw a post on Facebook her friend had liked. She clicked on it and followed the page.

And she discovered these five tools that she used to turn her son's behavior around.

She didn't need harsh limits. There were no punishments.

Instead, she learned how to read what triggered her son's aggression. And she found surprising, simple, workable ways she could respond, using play and setting respectful boundaries. And despite all of the anger her son aimed at her, she learned it was possible to respond with “oodles of love,” Sarah says.

Five Tools Turned Her Son's Aggression Around…


Things are night and day.

Her son’s outbursts are rare. He happily dips into his Lego. He's drawing again.

He's more content, confident. Happier in himself.

“The fury disappeared,” says Sarah, and “his relationship with his sister is amazing.”

Mom hugging toddler now he is not so aggressive

Check Away Your Worry

So mama, At 2.23am, we’re here.

We see the worry you have for your toddler.

We see how much you care.

And because our community is worldwide, there's always someone awake who will answer your questions, or just be there while you tell them how hard things are.

On our group boards, you could have four responses by 5.35am.

Like these…

  • One mom says her toddler's pre-school threatened to expel her son for hitting. She shares three tools she’s used to turn things around.
  • Our instructor says they are running a special Q&A all about raising toddlers, and she’ll answer your question personally.
  • Another parent gives a link to a blog post. It delves into why toddlers kids hit.
  • One mom says she doesn’t have an answer for you, but her toddler is aggressive too. She was lying awake filled with worry too. She sends her love and support.

You’re still exhausted but you are stronger.

You hear your son stirring and for the first time in a long time, you have hope.

This parenting gig is tough.

But we'll give you tools and support to get back to good, sweet, loving times with your toddler.

You can call on us whenever you need…

We see you.

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