How to Make Your Kids Love Chores (guest starring Abigail’s son)

Inside: Learn how to stop resentment and arguments around household help, and set chores for kids that they are willing and able to do well.

If you catch yourself late at night, surrounded by toys, folding clothes and wondering why you don't have time or energy to take a shower, ask yourself:

  • Why am I doing all the chores?
  • Where are my kids when I need them?
  • And why aren't those helpful little mice from Cinderella a real thing?

And then breathe.

Because chances are if you don't, you'll explode the mother lode with a tyranny of “Why do I never get any help around here?

“Why do you NEVER pick up?”

“Why do I have to ask you THREE times,”

You know,  all that fun explosive stuff you promised you wouldn't yell.

Things Are About to Change

This week on How to Make Your Kids Love Chores we're looking at some great ways you can actually get down and dirty with getting your kids on board with helping around the house.

On the podcast this week, we're talking:

  • Working with your toddler's natural inclinations to help
  • Getting clear on what works for you and your kids when it comes to chores
  • Working on a feedback loop that encourages chat and change
  • Figuring out what's holding you and your family back from a workable chores plan
  • The debate between rewards, charts, and consequences

And Guest-Starring…Chores From a Kid's P.O.V

Abigail's son even makes a (surprise) guest debut on this week's show and shares some very insightful reasons why the way his family manages chores works and why he detests doing laundry!

Join us this week if you are tired of battling the kids around chores, or you just don't know where to get started on setting chores for your kids.

Listen Now: How to Make Your Kids Love Chores

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