Month: September 2019

What Causes Separation Anxiety

Children thrive on the connection with their caregivers. Their need for a sense of connection is strong and constant throughout childhood, forming the foundation for their emotional well-being.  What does this have to do with separation anxiety, you might ask? In the video below, Patty Wipfler (founder of Hand in Hand Parenting) explains what is

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Why Do You Revert Back To Yelling, Anger and Blame?

Why do you aim to do better in your parenting, and then fail… First off, let’s get one thing straight. You are never failing. Never. Parenting is a work of practice. And it’s ok when you veer off track from the good intentions you make. But knowing WHY you veer off track goes a long

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How to Help Kids Manage Their Friendships

So there it is. An invitation. Your child is waving it in your face with a grin brighter than gold. And you? Does your heart soar? Or sink? Acceptance Similarity Belonging Self-worth Influence Betrayal Here’s Why Our Friendships Matter Friendships can arouse big feelings – in us as well as our kids – and how

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Brain Science of Children’s Emotions (Replay)

Join Certified Hand in Hand Parenting instructors Karen Wolfe, LMFT and Shelley Macy, MA as they share how you can play your way to understand the science around your children’s emotions. In this call replay, Karen and Shelley will introduce you to the Hand in Hand Parenting tool of Staylistening. You will walk away with

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