Month: October 2019

Handling Halloween Howls Using the Hand in Hand Tools

This week: Handling Halloween Using the Hand in Hand Tools So, your kids are fighting over the Halloween candy stash, and their sugar highs (and begging for more) send your blood pressure soaring. Maybe you have a child who is scarred by scare season’s ghosts and ghouls – or simply refuses to be a part

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So, How Far Have You Come in Your Parenting?

Where were you two years ago in parenting? Sometimes we get so caught up in the present-day challenges we forget to look back and see the progress we’ve made. And we should!  A week before the 100th episode of the Hand in Hand Parenting Podcast, Elle and Abigail do just that, with an affectionate look

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The Best Ways to Rise Strong After Mom Shame

Your heart sinks as you join the long line of people snaking the aisle at the grocery store. Your baby is already making those noises she makes when she wants you to hold her, and there are about 15 minutes until she needs feeding. You are pretty sure this line will take double that. How

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What happens when you want to walk out on parenting?

So, today we’re talking about the less sunny side of parenting. And when we say less sunny, we really mean those dark, never-ending winter-like days that are bleak, lonely and cold. They hurt. Some of us live in denial of these days – and it’s easy to see why. In a world of social media

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