Month: May 2020

12 Strategies to Maximize At Home Schooling With Your Child

Read on to learn 12 Ideas To Use When Schooling At Home Feels Like a Struggle (and get your free printable)   What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the words “remote learning?” “homeschooling” or “online learning.” If you groaned, felt needles of frustration, rolled your eyes, or just wanted

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Parent holding child in the air in a post about one-on-one play

What to Do When You Hit Hurdles in Special Time

I’ve been teaching about Special Time this week and it’s led me to think more about my journey with it. These days we do Special Time for about 15 minutes per child every day, and it’s a chunk of time that we all, me included, enjoy. The impact on how my kids feel and therefore

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How to Make Special Time a Regular Practice

Patty talks about just what you can expect when you use Special Time (and our other Listening Tools) over your two or more decades of parenting. If you’ve ever doubted the magic of this tool, watch now and get re-inspired.  

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