Month: November 2020

dad playing with his child

Change the Way You Play and Reduce Power Battles With Your Child

Isn’t play childish? Isn’t it a waste of time? Isn’t play pointless? Patty addresses these three adult biases towards play and then shows you how play can actually help you become closer to your child. Watch and learn why play is a surprising way to turn struggles between you and your child around, and the

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‘Tis The Season To Be…Disappointed!

I can’t believe that the shops started putting up Christmas decorations and playing Christmas carols at least a month ago. I always feel that it has come around too soon. In Australia, Christmas coincides with the end of the working year and the summer holidays. It is often an intense time, even if you don’t

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When Your Child Won’t Go Anywhere Without You (Replay)

The feelings your child has about being away from you can show up as tears, or as hard-to-handle behaviors. But these feelings of separation anxiety are normal, and ebb and flow as your child grows—even well into the teens! And truth be told, sometimes we parents have to admit that we are struggling with big

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how to keep kids happy on thaksgiving

How 10 minutes Play Turned Thanksgiving Around

  By Kirsten Nottleson On Thanksgiving morning, my husband and I were both feeling a stressed trying to get the turkey, pie, cranberry relish, and salad ready to pack in the car. We were off to grandma’s house for “the big meal.” “Please, Please, Play” We have two boys, aged 4 and 10, and my four-year-old

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When It’s All Too Much

Now more than ever, we all need a safe place at home to work though our challenges. This call helps you to explore how you can empower yourself and your children to respond to one another in a way that fosters connection and cooperation.

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calm parenting

The Key to Calm and Patient Parenting

Are you tired of losing it with your kids? Do you wish you were a more patient parent? You can be. In this video, Patty introduces a unique parenting tool you can use to create space for yourself, and your kids, so that you can lead your family with calm, confidence and joy. This powerful

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title of video talk with Patty Wipfleron connecting with your child

Discover a Powerful Way To Connect With Your Child

Does your child know how much you love them? Like, how much you’d do anything for them love them? If you find yourself dishing out ultimatums, caught up in stand offs and power struggles or just plain confused by your child’s challenging behavior often, parenting starts to feel like a daily struggle. Your relationship with

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