Month: December 2020

Parent Club Weekly Skillbuilder 12/28/20

This Week’s Support: Your Holiday Connection Tool is Play VIDEO  Lift the tension right out of your Holiday with PLAY One of the best ways to end conflict among siblings, cousins, or friends, is to get some play going. Let them team up against you! ARTICLE: Giving the Gift of Play Children inherently know that play will help…...

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Reach Out To Your Family Over the Holidays and Feel Better

Laura Minnigerode on Listening Partnerships During the winter holiday season, I often feel overpowered with emotions about the past. While I cherish memories of being with my family, I feel out of touch and alone. We are separated by thousands of miles and communication styles. It’s hard to reach out. The feelings hit hardest on the

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get on betterwith your kids over the holidays

Parenting During the Holidays

Here are links to stories and articles to help you focus on connecting and listening well as you navigate your way through the holiday season. Thanksgiving 5 Playful Ways to Solve Thanksgiving Struggles How 10 Minutes of Play Turned Thanksgiving Around Teaching my Extended Family How To Do Special Time Holiday Meltdowns Help for Holiday

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3 Ways to Reduce Tantrums and Upsets Over the Holidays

A guest post by Julie Johnson The holidays are here and as wonderful as a happy holiday would be, the reality is not always that joyful. Your little one asks you to play every thirty minutes, but you keep saying no because the turkey still isn’t done and everyone is hungry. Finally, she grabs a

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Connection over the holidays

18 Sanity-Saving Tips To Keep Connected Over the Holidays

Sleighbells ring, are you listening? Unfortunately, probably not. That is, if you are shoulder-high in festive planning and your children are fighting over the last gingerbread. Here’s 18 sanity-saving tips for tackling those holiday stresses, so that you can keep your calm, feel resourced and enjoy the winter season. 1. Play Out Excitements If the

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two happy brothers

How To Play Your Way Out Of Sibling Rivalry

Having two boys is great and wonderful. And simultaneously, one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. As a childminder I look after 3 toddlers every day, but having two of my own children feels like working at a different level. Maybe because child care and parenting are very different jobs. The arguments, the competitiveness, the

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