Month: January 2021

family play is important

Why Play is Even More Important Right Now

If your child is begging you to play more lately, it’s not just because they are missing their friends. And, if you can play along with play, you may find yourself a happier parent too, says Hand in Hand Instructor Stacy Wilson.

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Why Do I Keep Losing My Temper with My Toddler?

Getting angry with your toddler? Ask yourself this, How did you feel about your child becoming a toddler? While some parents mourn the loss of babyhood, most are eager to see their babies become toddlers.  During this time you see crawling become walking, then skipping and sprinting, babbling become song and story-telling.  Toddlerhood is a

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“I Don’t Want To!” Holding An Expectation When Your Child Refuses

A Gentle Parent’s Guide to Getting Your Children to Do Something You’re on the home stretch. Dinner is done. Toys have been tidied. PJs are on. You have storybooks in hand, and there is just one thing to do. “Time to brush your teeth,” you tell your 5-year-old..Who looks at you with disgust, yells, “NO!”

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