Month: February 2021

When Your Child Screams “Go Away,” Should You?

As parents, we want nothing more than to help our kids feel loved and nurtured. When they are upset, every cell in our bodies leans towards making them feel better. We ache to have the upset stop and to do this, we use a calm voice, a warm hug.  Yet often, in the throws of

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These Kind Ways to Stop Breastfeeding Support You and Your Child

My first year of motherhood felt a bit like trying to stay in control of a runaway train. Breastfeeding did not come easily to me and so I was delighted to reach the milestone of feeding my daughter for a full year.  But I had grown to hate breastfeeding.  My daughter was feeding throughout the

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Try this when child says no

Tired of Hearing Your Child Say NO? Try This Reframe

I just wanted her to nap.  My energy was spent and getting her to sleep was my sole agenda.  Unfortunately, my cheerful, “Time for nap” was met with her “No” as she continued playing on the floor.  My fatigue and stress gave me little patience or understanding. I felt myself tighten and become more insistent

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mom setting limits on nursing

Setting Limits Around Nursing in the Morning

I wanted more flexibility with my 4-year-old. He had been acting with increasing rigidity throughout our day. So, I started to think of all the areas in which he had a lot of emotionally charged and demanding behavior, where setting limits might actually help him. Bingo! His feelings about nursing first thing in the morning

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