Month: March 2021

play with kids for better behavior

Does Playlistening Distract a Child From Their Feelings?

Playlistening is the art of using play to listen to our children. Since play is the way children process and express their thoughts and feelings, using play to listen to and connect with our children is sort of genius.  When we playlisten we show our children in their own language: “I’m here, I’m paying attention,

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Dad plays with child

Join Us For A 7-Day Play Challenge and Feel Closer To Your Kids

“Will you play with me?”  What if that dreaded question, which so often feels heavy and tiresome, could transform the relationship you share with your child? You know your kids need food, water, sleep and comfort to thrive.  But what about play? If you look at the ways play builds children’s brains, helps them gain

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mama struggling with parenting

To the parent struggling to handle all the things right now

Anyone who works with children, parents or families will be acutely aware of how huge the need for parent support is. That has never been more true than it is now, in the midst of this global crisis.  That you’re reading this suggests that you recognise this yourself, though figuring out how to get that

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