Parent Club Weekly Email (2)

Parent Club Weekly Email 3/15/2021 – Play Diffuses Sibling Squabbles

YOUR VIDEO – Set Limits Playfully when Siblings Start to Squabble
Setting Limits Playfully can help release tensions that get in the way of sibling relationships–ysafeg

YOUR ARTICLE: 15 Playful Ways to Handle Sibling Rivalry
When we move dissolve sibling power struggles with play, children release tension, through laughter and fun. As they let go of their feelings, they won’t need to take them out on each other.  These games are great for friends, too!


Zoom Q&A Chat: Sibling Squabbles Solved…or at least supported!
THURSDAY, MARCH 18TH – 11 AM pacific / UK 6 PM / SYDNEY 5 AM FRI
**US has a time change an hour ahead this Sunday in case you do the time zone math in your head.  Check for other time zones**

Join 3 Instructors who have loads of experience in the area of Sibling Rivalry:
– Emily Gray Murray has 2 girls with a wide age gap.
– Marilupe de la Calle is Mom to 2 girls closer in age.
– Summer Sheldon has 2 boys and a young girl.

They will cover aggression, property rights, sharing and nurturing that bond. And we'll have lots of time for questions!


NEXT WEEK:  Building Support for YOU!

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