Parent Club Weekly Email (22)

Parent Club Weekly Email 5/10/2021: Help with the Special Time Dread

Your Video: Help With Hating Special Time!
What creates Special Time dread? Is the load of feelings we never got a chance to express.  In Listening Time we get to laugh and cry and have a tantrum. Hurts dissolve and we become a lighter and more playful person.

Your Article: Spontaneous UnAnnounced Special Time
Blurb:  Feeling Special Time dread?  Set a Timer.  Plop down and beam your love at your child.  Good for all kids –  from toddlers to teens!
Your Fridge List: Dissolve the Special Time Dread
Your Weekly Live Support:
Q&A Chat with Patty!
Wednesday, May 12th at 12
noon pacific / 8 PM UK / Sydney 5 AM Thursday


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