Month: August 2021

When a Child Prefers One Parent

It took months to organise, but today you escaped for lunch with two old friends and left your kids with your partner. Secretly, you couldn’t be happier. Your youngest is going through a phase that is really demanding. He says “no,” whenever you ask him to do something, he is constantly asking for things he

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Stop fighting and family tension

Resolving Family Feuds Starts With You

You don’t have to live with family tension year after year. It’s possible to break old patterns of relating and forge new relationships within your family by getting support for yourself, taking the time to listen to your family members, and shining your love on them. Changing family dynamics is not often easy, but it is

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How to respond when someone else disciplines your child harshly

These Ideas Will Help You Respond When Someone Else Disciplines Your Child And Sets Harsh Limits

If you’ve been parenting with connection, you might find a stark contrast between your approach to discipline and what those around you expect.  It’s tough when well-meaning family, friends or members of your community intervene around discipline issues and bring harsh limits to behaviour they feel is disrespectful. If this is your experience you are

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