Month: October 2021

What to do if your child won't staylisten

Help! My Child Won’t Let Me Staylisten…What Can I Do?

Those of us who know the power in expressing all of our feelings feel differently about crying. Instead of shutting down crying, we welcome the tears.  When those of us in the know get together, we might be overheard excitedly exclaiming “Oh, they had a brilliant, long cry this morning!” with an almost triumphant relief. 

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Parent Club Weekly Email: Parenting As A Team, Strategies to Relieve Tensions

YOUR VIDEO: Lowering the Tension in Parenting Relationships When we face what’s hard and work on our feelings, we can lower the tension so that everyone can think more clearly   YOUR ARTICLE: Healing Old Wounds Helped My Marriage Listening Partnerships give us the space we need to explore old hurts and triggers that…...

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Tantrum training for parents

Tantrum Training For Parents In Four Simple Steps

I’ll let you in on a profound insight that changed my life. Your kids don’t need tantrum training but you probably do! No doubt you have always been shown and told that tantrums are a bad thing. It is a common view. But, I think you’ll come to value them—once you see how they can

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