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Does This One Simple Thing Really Make A Difference For Parents?

If you are here today on the Hand in Hand Parenting site, you've probably asked yourself, at some point, one or more of these questions:

  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Why do other parents find it so easy when I find it so hard?
  • Am is useless and failing?

We're sorry it's been hard.

But if you are here today reading this, we hope it's because you have found something that gives you hope. We certainly want you to know, right now, that you are not failing, not at all, and that if it’s hard, we're here for you as you figure things out. 

It's not always easy parenting differently…

And while we hold that space for you, we also recognise.

This approach can feel radically different to what we've been taught before, and it can take courage to use. And we know too, that moving from one way of parenting to another can be hard.

And yet, here you are. What piece of the puzzle fit for you?

Maybe it just makes sense to you to play the detective when your child’s behaviour is challenging, and figure out what’s going on for them rather than judge them for it. 

Perhaps you persist because you see how well it works to hold space for your child's upsets, even though that's not how you were raised.

And then you stick around because you've seen the closeness that blooms when you parent from connection. (Like the thousands of parents who visit the site every month have seen).

Maybe you are newer here and can't believe the range of resources, from posts to podcasts, that can help with everything from toddler meltdowns to competitive kids. 

Let's take a minute

We wanted to take a minute to appreciate you for being here, and for all the good work you are doing in your family. 

But we began this post by asking, “Does this one simple thing really make a difference for parents?” and you probably wondered, what's the one simple thing?

Well, here it is…

We believe that the simple act of having this blog, our website, and social media, makes a huge difference.

You being here makes a huge difference. 

Because what parents like you learn through this site makes a huge difference to the way children are parented and, most likely, will parent. 

We want to keep running this site. And keep providing all the free resources we offer, including talks, live calls and our moderated parent groups.

And making that happen relies on one small thing you could do, right now. 

Hand in Hand wants to raise $25K this December to moderate our free parent support group for all of 2022 and keep our free resources, like this site, available to all at no cost. 

Our online parenting groups are moderated by very dedicated, experienced Hand in Hand Instructors. They work with parents who are taking their first steps with this approach. These parents are ready to bring warmth, play and connection into their families, using Hand in Hand approach.

(Haven't joined our support groups yet? Join this community group, this group if you have a teen, and this group if you live in the UK).

Finding strength on the hard days

They use them too, maybe as you have, to find strength on those hard days, and to come together when parenting this way feels lonely which we hear, again and again, it has more than ever over these past two years. 

These years have been difficult too for nonprofits, including us, to survive.

But when we evaluated what services we needed to keep available, keeping these services free and available was right up there, high on our priority list.

It costs Hand in Hand just over $25,000 to offer this support, and for us, it's worth every penny.

You can make a difference

If you have benefitted in any way from the support Hand in Hand Parenting offers, please consider paying it forward. 

It’s one simple thing you can do that helps thousands of parents each month find and keep using these tools. 

Your gift of a dollar today supports the valuable work all parents do. 

You didn't read that wrong! You can give just one dollar, and you can expect that dollar to have far-reaching effects. 

In fact, if every user who visited the Hand in Hand site in November gave one dollar, we'd DOUBLE our $25k target.

Donate now

If you have ever read one of our posts, heard a free talk, or yelled at your Listening Partner instead of your child and felt hope, please pay it forward today. 

Please give to our Dollar for December appeal.

Make a donation now, keep resources freely available, and know that yes, by doing this one small, simple thing, you will make a huge difference to parents worldwide.

It's easy to give – just use this link and donate now.

We are so grateful.

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