Month: February 2022

parenting your strong-willed child

Why Traditional Discipline Methods Won’t Work With A Strong-Willed Child, And What You Can Do Instead.

Who is this strong-willed child? The strong willed child is an elusive creature. He can assume many shapes and is known by many names, from the affectionate “spunky” and “spirited” to sterner terms such as  “naughty” and “oppositional”. Teachers and educators might consider this child the “troublemaker.” Parents and relatives might call them their “problem

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stop kids tattling in class strategies

Tattling kids? Why kids tattle and how you can stop it: A Step-by-Step Guide for Dealing with Tattling in the Classroom

Tattling can be annoying to all parties involved: the recipient, the person whose wrongdoing is being shared, and anyone within earshot.  Tattling is a quick way to get someone’s attention. Unfortunately, the reason tattling gets our attention is the same reason why we don’t often handle these moments with grace.  Those whining voices act just

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