Month: September 2022

mom helping child overcome anxiety

Three Ways To Help An Anxious Child Using Hand in Hand Parenting Tools

Tears every morning before school.  A daily fight before bed.  Anxiety disorders, like selective mutism.  No matter what a child is anxious about, the driving factor is the same.  Fear.  Oftentimes, the fear is not conscious. This is why children can’t name or explain their fears or the anxiety they feel in words. Instead, you

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Parent Club Weekly Email 9/19/22: A step-by-step plan to help with aggression

YOUR VIDEO: Aggression is an Emotional Project Aggression is a signal of big hurt and fear and this Project requires using ALL the tool. How to make a plan for this emotional project. YOUR ARTICLE:  Helping Children With Aggression Here are some simple steps you can follow to help a child who becomes aggressive…....

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