Month: August 2023

10 façons d’aider un enfant qui se sent anxieux à l’idée d’aller à l’école

Un article traduit de l’anglais par Chloé Saint Guilhem, formatrice certifiée Hand in Hand L’école peut être source de nombreux changements – et de nombreux sentiments à l’égard de ces changements. Pour certains enfants, l’école peut représenter un défi de taille. Ils se sentent anxieux et stressés, mais nous ne nous en rendrons peut-être jamais

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SEL-aligned back to school pack educators

Back To School Support Pack For Educators

The first day of school can be a source of great anxiety, with students and parents feeling anticipation and nerves. The tools and strategies in this Back to School Support Pack build a sense of security and connection, and can be used at home or in the classroom. Please share them with families and colleagues

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Happy boy on first say of school in post about back to school strategies for parents

Back To School Support Pack for Parents

Welcome to your back to school support pack. Cycle through all the information and activities included here and get all you need for your child to start the school year with confidence. 1. Guide to Separation Anxiety: Your step-by-step guide shows you what happens for your child when they are scared to go to daycare or school.

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Meet The Preschool Teachers That Listen to Kids

Imagine you had a teacher that listened, really listened, when you were upset at school. In daycare and pre-school settings, there are many cries for many reasons. Children missing parents. Children that need the bathroom and don’t know how to ask. Children that hate the chaos and din of a classroom. Children wondering why dad

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Start School Days with Special Time!

On busy school day mornings, we try to send our children off with love. We sandwich “I love you. Have a good day!” between “Where’s my homework?” and “Can you pick me up after soccer practice?” We’ve got a suggestion that can help you build the feel of your love into a child’s morning routine,

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