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Support Calls for Parents

Hand in Hand Parenting instructors are volunteering their time to offer free support calls for parents during the pandemic. You are welcome to join any of the calls on the list. Bookmark this page so

Navigating Turbulent Times With Your Tween

It was time for Karate class but a 9-year-old girl was refusing to go. “Why do you always make me do this stuff,” she yelled, crossing her arms. “You can’t make me,” she pouted. Her

Back to School and Ready to Learn! Replay

Join Certified Hand in Hand Instructors and teachers, Michelle Carlson and Keiko Sato-Perry, in this free call for parents. Whether your child is starting school for the first time, or just beginning a new school

Play Eases Grocery Shopping Tension with My Sons

At the end of one day during my sons’ school break, I needed to go buy some food. So, my six-year-old and nine-year-old sons and I stopped at a supermarket. Things went well initially, though

Current Partners

Together we reach more parents in need, change the lives of more families, transform society BUILDING EMOTIONAL UNDERSTANDING THROUGH THE ARTS (BEUTA) SPACE, School of Performing Arts & Cultural Education in Ukiah, California, offers after-school programs for young

Keiko Sato

Born and raised in Japan, Keiko taught in Tokyo for 10 years before coming to Palo Alto in 1998 for a second Masters degree in Education. She has been reaping the benefits of the Hand in Hand Parenting

How to Enjoy Piano Practice

Since that evening, he has practiced piano most every day, sometimes starting on his own, other times with my encouragement, which had never worked before. Piano practice did not feel like a dreaded chore any more. Something was lighter. I could tell that my son was playing because he liked it and he wanted to.

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