How Hand in Hand Scholarships Help Parents Stop Yelling and Start Playing

Hand in Hand Parenting is a 28-year old non-profit organisation that has helped parents worldwide create stronger attachments with their children. The five tools teach parents to set limits early but calmly, follow a child’s lead in play, work through difficult behavior, and talk with another adult about the issues they find toughest in regular listening sessions. Continue reading

15 Playful Ways To Solve Sibling Rivalry

By Shaheen Merali, and Kate Orson Sibling rivalry is an inevitable challenge of raising more than one child. No matter what the age difference or personalities of the children, sooner or later, every child with siblings gets upset with their … Continue reading

20 Playful Ways To Heal Separation Anxiety

When our child gets upset about us leaving, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t like their caregiver or that the need to be with us 24-7. It’s quite natural for children to have multiple attachments to other adults and benefit from being raised by a ‘village.’ It is often more likely that separating from us triggers deeper fears, and emotions in our child, that they need us to listen to. Continue reading

Why Are We So Scared of Big Feelings?

When our children express emotion why is it that we want those big feelings to go away, and why is it that crying or tantrums irk us so much? A big part of it may be how our own feelings were dealt with when we were younger. Continue reading