Emily Murray

Xi He

Hello, I am Xi. When you read this introduction, I believe it is a form of fate and connection. My hometown is Leshan, Sichuan, China, a city famous for its “Leshan Giant Buddha”—the largest stone

Emily Murray

Amrit Khera

I wanted to raise my children in a loving, warm and nurturing home, filling their days with fun and laughter.  In reality I found myself with children showing me big emotions and displaying behaviour I

Emily Murray

Kris Kohlmann

Hi, I’m Kris Kohlmann, I’m 46 (in 2024), and I’m the ND mom of two incredible ND kids (all of us are diagnosed with ADHD), a daughter, who is now 12, and a son, who

Healthy Discipline and Setting Limits with Children
Madeleine Winter

What if Consistency is not Vital?

Consistency is not vital Can you believe this?  This nugget of wisdom is perhaps the most important thing that I learned when I first came across Hand in Hand Parenting. So much of the advice

Elle Kwan

Parent Club Community

Hand in Hand Parenting Parent Club Community What if you knew how to transform your child’s behavior today… and every day? The Parent Club Community gives you direct access to Hand in Hand Instructors every

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