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Hand in Hand Parenting Online Starter Class with Brooke Bishara and Kate Howe

What are you facing right now as a parent? Refusal to cooperate? Meltdowns or tantrums? Screen-time tussles? Sleep issues? Separation Anxiety? Rudeness? Picky eating? Shutting down? Door slamming? Feelings of isolation and exhaustion? No matter the age of your child, you can build a strong

Start School Days with Special Time!

On busy school day mornings, we try to send our children off with love. We sandwich “I love you. Have a good day!” between “Where’s my homework?” and “Can you pick me up after soccer

A Dose of Special Time in the Morning

Dreaded Mornings! Mornings before school were the absolute worst. When my kids were little and I was home with them all day, I wanted them to go to school so badly. Be careful what you

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