‘Tis The Season To Be…Disappointed!

“Can I Have a Hug?” Helping Children with Hello and Goodbye

“I Swore I’d Never Say That!” On Being a Parent

“I Want It Now!” Children’s Wants and Needs

“I’m Bored!” How to Deal with Your Child’s Boredom

“It’s Mine!” All About Sharing

“Mommy, Do Kids Die?” Helping Children Cope with Death

“No” Wrapped in “Yes”: Limiting Behavior, Allowing Feelings

“I Have to Leave Now!” Solving Separation Anxiety Replay

“I Only Want Mommy!” Helping Your Child Feel Safe with Both Parents

“I Only Want Mommy!” Helping Your Child Feel Safe with Both Parents – Part 2

“No, We Can’t Send Her Back”: Five Keys for Preparing Your Family for the Birth of a Sibling

10 Tips For Raising Happy Parents

2019 Instructor Certification Q&A Replay

3 Tools To Stop The Hitting

A Connection Checklist for the Back-to-School Transition

A Good Cry Can Promote Secure Attachment

A Little Special Time in the Morning

A Policy for Reducing Tension When Children Won’t Share

A Step-by-Step Guide: Parenting Through Repeat Annoying Behavior

Affection Play—A Powerful Antidote to the After-School Blahs

agresivitatea – între curaj și frică (Replay)

Aider les enfants à vaincre leurs peurs

Aider les enfants avec l’agression

Answering Children’s Core Questions

Apprivoiser la colère des parents : 8 clefs pour calmer la tempête

armonie între frați – Replay

Assisting Children in Your Office or Hospital Setting – Replay

Attending to Children’s Attention Issues

Baby Crying: Why Listening to Nursing Children Builds Connection

Back to School and Ready to Learn! Replay

Backbone and Bounce: Building Resilience

Bad Feelings Don’t Make You a Bad Parent

Bad Words from Good Kids

Being a Supportive Grandparent

Brain Science of Children’s Emotions (Replay)

Build a Deep Sense of Connection With Your Child

Build Connection With Your Child Through Play: Playlistening

Building Sleep Confidence: The Truth About Children and Sleep

Building Your Child’s Confidence Through Play

Bullying and What To Do About It

Can Play Help With Bedwetting?

Când copilul mic te lovește: o nouă perspectivă

Care Package of Resources

Care-i problema cu bătaia

care-i problema cu bătaia (replay in Romanian)

Carta de los derechos de padres y madres

Childhood Trauma: How To Overcome It?

Children and Chores: Four Ways to Get Them to Help

Cinci lucruri adevărate pe care fiecare proaspăt părinte ar trebui să le știe

Clingy Children, Frustrated Parents

Cómo ayudar a los niños con dificultades de la escuela

Cómo ayudar a nuestros hijos a lidiar con acontecimientos traumatizantes

Cómo ayudarle a los niños a vencer sus temores

Cómo fijar límites a niños pequeños

Complete Article List

Connecting Through Chaos: What to Do When Siblings Have Big Feelings at the Same Time

Crazy Mad: Five Ways To Ward off Parent Anger

Cum facem față comportamentului agresiv al copiilor?

Cum îi ajutăm pe copii cu agresivitatea

cum punem limite fără a crea limitări – replay (in Romanian)

Cum vindecam frica de separare – Healing the Fear of Separation (In Romanian)

Dads Make a Difference: The Importance of Fathers in Helping Kids Flourish

Diffuse the ‘MINE!’: Sharing and the Give-&-Take of Relationships Replay

Do “Consequences” Help Children Learn Better Behavior?

Do Children Manipulate Their Parents?

Don’t Take That Tone With Me!

Early Attachment and Bonding with Hand in Hand Parenting Replay

Ease the Transition of Moving to a New Home

el arte de poner límites con afecto – replay

El Papel del Miedo en Nuestra Vida

Embracing Transitions: How Connection Helps

Emotional Emergency—What’s a Parent To Do?

Ending Power Struggles with Children

Estrategias para Lidiar con el Estrés

Farewells Not So Fun? Help with Separation Anxiety

Fathers Are Primary Parents!

Fears: Not Just for the Little Ones Replay

Financing Parenting

Find Your Peace in Parenting

Finding Support in an Information Overloaded World – Replay

Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges Replay

Five Truths Every New Parent Should Know

Five Ways Staylistening Is Different From “Cry It Out”

Five Ways to Prevent Tantrums in Public

Focusing on Me Made Me a Better Parent

Foster More Good Moments Between Siblings

From Avoidance to Confidence: Helping Our Children Triumph Over Fear

Games to Help Your Older Child Feel Special

Getting Kids to Listen Replay

Getting Support As You Raise Siblings

Getting Through School Struggles

Hand in Hand Changes Lives

Hand in Hand Parenting as a Trauma-Informed Caregiving Practice

Handling Aggression: Setting Limits with the Vigorous Snuggle

Healing Broken Connections

Healing the Hurt of Separation [Replay]

Help Children Play Well Together

Help for Holiday Meltdowns

Help for Picky Eaters

Help for the Hard Times in Parenting

Help My Son Stop Hitting His Siblings

Help Siblings Welcome a New Baby Replay

Help Your Children with Fear

Help Your Foster/Adopted Child Heal (And Stay Sane in the Process!)

Helping Angry Preteens

Helping Children Conquer Their Fears

Helping Children Exposed to Shocking Events

Helping Children Face an Uncertain World – Replay

Helping Children Sleep

helping children sleep

Helping Children Sleep Replay

Helping Children with Aggression

Helping Children with Aggression – Replay

Helping Children with Divorce or Separation

Helping Children with Tantrums and Emotional Moments in Public

Helping Families After ACEs Replay

Helping Parents Inspire Their Children Through Homework Battles

Helping Super-Competitive Children Relax

Helping the Homeless Parent with Connection

Helping Young Children Sleep

helping your child head back to school

Helping Your Child Sleep: Building Sleep Confidence Replay

Helping Your Children Get Along, Especially During the Holidays

Holidays and Meltdowns Go Together Like Peanut Butter And Jelly

Homework Struggles: Lightening the Homework Load

Hosting A Hand in Hand “Listen” Parent Book Group

How Connection Helps Your Children Face Fear

How Parenting Triggers Past Hurts (and What You Can Do About It) – Replay for Parents

How Parenting Triggers Past Hurts (and What You Can Do About It) – Replay for Professionals

How Professionals are Using Hand in Hand Parenting in Their Practice

How Professionals Are Using the Hand in Hand Tools Replay

How Special Time Makes Children Content

How Special Time Works with Teens

How Tantrums Are Actually Beneficial to Family Life – Replay

How to Be Sick and a Mom

How to Become a Hand in Hand Instructor (Call Replay)

How to Become a Hand in Hand Instructor (Replay)

How to Become a Parenting by Connection Teacher Recording

How to Boost the Mental Health of Children

How to Come Out Ahead When Your Family Faces Big Challenges

How to Cope More Calmly With Your Child’s Aggression

How to Find a Listening Partner

How to Help Children Share

How to Help Siblings in Blended Families Get Along

How to Help Your Child Deal with Shyness

How to Help Your Child Stay in Bed and Sleep at Night

How to Hold a Limit Calmly Even When Your Child Is Melting Down

How to Parent Your Tween and Stay Sane in the Process – Replay

How to Set Effective Limits and Help Children Cooperate

How Your Childhood Affects Your Parenting

Împreună în momente de haos: ce să facem atunci când frații au emoţii puternice în același timp

Inoculating Our Children Against Racism

Intervention for School Bullying or Exclusion

Is Your Child Hitting, Kicking, Biting? Join The Crowd – Replay

Juguemos escuchando – Cómo hacer para que su niño sienta su cercanía

Keeping Control—The Possible and Impossible in Parenting

Las tareas escolares: Cómo aliviar la carga

Let Summer Be Time For Children To Play, Laugh, Learn, Heal

let’s get started!

Loving the Parent You Are Today

Making a Difference in the Lives of Parents and Children

Making a Good Mix: Seven Tips for Stepparenting and Blended Families

Medical Home e-Learning Course

Meltdown Test

Mine! Mine! All the Time? How to Handle Sharing

Mit tegyünk, ha harap a gyerekünk?

Momento Especial e o Medo do Cabra Cabrês

Most Popular Parenting Articles

Moving Your Child To His Own Bed to Sleep

Must Parents Be Consistent?

NAEYC Presentation “Helping Families with Stress”

Ne bucurăm că te-ai alăturat acestui teleseminar gratuit de parenting!

New Parent Podcasts

Nightmares and Night Terrors

No More Bullying!

No More Hitting: Help with a Child’s Aggressive Behavior

No More Thumb! No More Pacifier!

O Que Fazer Quando uma Criança Mente

Our Parents Did Their Best


Parent Education: Connect with your Children

Parent Education: Connect with your Children

Parent Education: Dealing with Emotions

Parent Education: Listening and Limits

Parental Fears: Finding our Way in the Dark


Parenting Across Social, Racial, and Economic Gaps

Parenting Amid Threats of War

Parenting from Different Pages

Parenting From Different Pages – Replay

Parenting Preteens: Letting Them Grow, Keeping Them Close

Parenting That Heals Painful Memories

Parenting: What To Do After You Mess Up

Parents Can Help with Childhood Fears

Parents of Preteens: A Q&A Session Replay

Partnering Well as Parents

Partnering Well in Parenting

Partnering with Your Child To Solve Their Issues

Planes, Trains, and Small Children

Play Through Potty Training

Play, Empathy and TV

Playdates 101: Helping Children Get Along

Playing with Anxiety, with Dr. Lawrence Cohen

Podcasts en español para nuevos padres

Potty Talk and Body Glee

Potty Training Experience – Staylistening

Preparing Children for Doctor Visits Replay

Preparing Your Child for Surgery

Professionals Intensive Q&A Replay

Q&A Certification Call – Replay

Quel est le Problème avec la Fessée

Quoi dire lorsque vous Restez-écouter

Reassuring Children When Life Is Chaotic or Uncertain Replay

Recommended Reading

Reflections on Sibling Rivalry – Recording

Reglas para jugar en grupo

Relational Trauma, Neuroplasticity, and Tools for Parents

Replay – how professionals are using the hand in hand tools in their work

Replay for Interpreting Behavior Through a New Lens: Using the Hand in Hand Tools to Provide Trauma-Sensitive Care

Replay of Back to School: New Beginnings and Big Feelings

Replay of How Hand in Hand Changes Sibling Rivalry

Replay of Info Call: How to Become a Hand in Hand Instructor

Replay of Making Preschools Sensitive to Trauma

Replay of Sibling Rivalry: Why It Happens and How to Ease the Squabbling

Replay of When a New Baby Comes Along

Replay of Why Is Parenting so Much Harder Than I Expected?

sărbători cu armonie sau cu crize de furie? – Replay (in Romanian)

Sarbatorile si pierderea cumpatului

Saying “Sorry” Replay

Saying Sorry: A 7-Step Plan for Heartfelt Apologies

Scrapes, Cuts and Dustups: Helping Your Child Heal

Secret to Handling Your Child’s Tantrums Replay

Separation Anxiety Recovery

Setting Limits and Building Family Cooperation – Replay

Setting Limits that Build Better Relationships Presentation

Setting Limits with Dr. Chris White & Patty Wipfler

Setting Limits with Hand in Hand Parenting Tools Replay

Setting Limits with Young Children

Sibling Rivalry: Some Solutions

Siblings Fighting: When You Get There Too Late

Simple Ways to Be a More Peaceful Parent

Special Time: Filling Your Child’s Connection Cup Replay

Specific Issues

Start School Days with Special Time!

Starting School – for Grown Ups

Starting School Over and Over Replay

Starting School Part 1 – How to Pack the Backpack

Starting School Part 2 – How to Unpack the Backpack

Staying Close to Older Kids – How Special Time Can Work with Pre-Teens and Older Children

Staying Close to Preteens and Teens Replay

Stopping Aggressive Behaviors with Play (Replay)

Struggles are OK

Stutter Stoppers

Supporting our Teenage Children

Supporting Sibling Friendships

Survive the Holidays – And Have Some Fun! [Replay]

Talking to Your Child About Disasters

Taming Parent Tantrums: 8 Keys to Quieting the Storm

Tantrums for Two: How to Manage with More Than One Upset Child

Tații sunt tot părinți

Teachers & Caregivers

Teasing? Intervene without Blame or Shame

Thank You for Downloading 6 Tips to Ease the Transition to Toddlerhood

Thank You for Stopping the Hitting

The Cries that Bind: Connecting with Children Emotionally

The Current Situation for Parents and the Work of Parenting

The Day I First Partnered with My Child

The Joys and Challenges of Grandparenting

the one basic secret of reducing parenting stress

The Parenting Journey from Isolation to Community

The Science Behind the Hand in Hand Parenting Tool of Staylistening

The Secret to Helping Your Baby’s Brain Grow

The Time Crunch: Mending Our Lives

The Ultimate Separation Survival Guide

The Value of Support

There is More to Sharing Than Taking Turns

These Five Things Make for Happy New Parents

Three Steps To Stop Sibling Rivalry Before it Happens

Tickling Kids Can Do More Harm Than Good

Todo bajo control

Troubling Behavior: How to Take On an Emotional Project

Two-Step Plan to Prepare Your Older Child for a New Brother or Sister

Uma Prática Para Melhorar a Conexão Com Seus Filhos

Un pic de timp special dimineața

Understanding A Child’s Meltdown

Using the Hand in Hand Parenting Tools with Highly-Stressed Families Replay

Você Não é Uma Mãe Ruim, Quando Tem Sentimentos Ruins

Want to know what our members have been up to?

We Can Stop Spanking

We’re Doing Our Best

We’re Glad You’re Joining Us!

What if Giving Children Consequences Isn’t Good Discipline After All?

What If Parenting Is an Emotional Practice?

What to do When Toddlers Bite

What To Do When Your Child “Just Won’t Listen” Replay

What to do When Your Kid is Bored

What to Say During Staylistening

What We Hope for All Parents

What Went Well in 2012

What’s the Cure for Whining?

What’s the Problem with Spanking?

When Another Child Hurts Your Child

When Children Lie

When Family and Friends Don’t Understand Your Parenting Style

When Friends and Family Don’t Understand Your Parenting – Replay

When Frustration Overflows – Tantrums Promote Learning

When One Sibling is Harsh toward Another

When Sharing Doesn’t Come Easily

When They’re Hell-Bent on Misbehaving

When Things Don’t Go Perfectly: How to Help Kids with Perfectionism

When To Wean The Baby

When We Mess Up As Parents – Replay

When We Mess Up as Parents Replay

When Your Child Is Stuck in Repetitive Play

When Your Child Lashes Out Replay

When your child needs you and you can’t help

When Your Child Screams, “I Hate You!”

When Your Child Won’t Go Anywhere Without You (Replay)

When Your Kids Push You Over the Edge (replay)

When Your Kids Push You Over the Edge Replay

When Your Kids Will Do Anything to Get Attention

When Your Toddler Hits You: A New Perspective

When Your Toddler Hits You: A New Perspective

When Your Toddler Hits You: A New Perspective

Why Does My Child Hurt Others?

Why Does One Sibling Target Another: Understanding Sibling Rivalry and How to Promote Harmony at Home

Why Is It So Hard to Be a Patient Parent? 

Why Is Self-Care Vital in Caring Professions? (Replay)

Why Listening Works

Why TV is Bad For Kids

Working with Separation Anxiety Replay

Your Fear Toolkit: How to Help your Child with Fear and Anxiety

Your Ultimate Separation Survival Guide

Your Ultimate Sibling Rivalry Survival Guide

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