Healing the Hurt of Separation Replay

Want the ultimate guide to surviving separation anxiety? Claim yours here!

Join certified Parenting By Connection Instructors Georgie Bancroft  and Lyra L’Estrange in this free teleseminar, as they share a fresh perspective on how to heal separation fears, and offer personal stories of how these ideas have transformed their parenting experience.

You can join Georgie and Lyra for more parenting support in person or online. You might also want to share Playing Away Preschool Separation Struggles.

Please register to join us with special guest Dr. Lawrence Cohen, author of Playful Parenting and The Opposite of Worry to discuss “When We Mess Up as Parents: Self-Compassion, Relationship Repair, and Breaking Old Patterns.”

Julianne Idleman Julianne Idleman

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