Hosting A Hand in Hand “Listen” Parent Book Group

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Welcome to Hand in Hand’s family of people dedicated to putting connection at the center of parenting. We’re glad you are interested in building a safe learning environment for parents, and in exploring Hand in Hand Parenting with other parents! We are confident that the guidelines set out below, together with your intelligence, good will, and common sense, will lay the framework for rewarding learning experiences for you and the parents you bring to your group.

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This free “Listen” Parent Book Club Guide contains everything you need to know to get your book group going.

Other materials you might want to explore include:

Your group will function best if you have participants purchase Listen ahead of time, so the information you share is amplified by the reading they do. You can download the free “Listen” Parent Book Club Guide here.

Patty Wipfler Patty Wipfler Founder, Program Director, and Trainer

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