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Staying connected to our preteens as they enter adolescence and become more independent may be challenging, but it is as important as ever! Certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor Madeleine Winter (Sydney) and Trainee Instructor Rebecca Nowlen (CA, USA), are both parents of pre-teens and know how it feels to be confronted with:

  • Kids who aren't so sure they want you around any more.
  • Emotional volatility (in kids and grownups!).
  • Eye rolling, door banging and other signs of anger and frustration.
  • The growing importance of friendships and peer relationships in our children's lives.

Check out their talk on Staying Close to Preteens and Teens below:

Looking for more support with your preteen and/or teen? Check out the new class for parents of 9 to 13 year olds, Staying Close to Your Tween.

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