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Our Certified Parent Educators can speak to your group, in your setting to help parents and professionals hone their skills, resolve difficulties, and build ongoing support systems they can depend on over time.

Wow…I’m not alone. There are other foster
parents here…struggling with just about the same
thing I’m struggling with. I’m not a robot. I’m a
human being, and I do need to take time out, just like the kids.

Mah, Project ABC

select from our most popular parenting topics:

  • Raising Emotionally Healthy Children
  • Handling Children's Emotional Moments
  • Setting Limits that Build Better Relationships
  • Sibling Solutions
  • Banishing the Bogeyman! Healing Children's Fears
  • Biting, Pushing, Pulling Hair: Helping Children with Aggression
  • Healing the Hurt of Separation
  • ‘That’s Mine!’ Helping Young Children with Sharing
  • Sleeping, Eating, Minding Mommy and Daddy: Who's in Control?
  • Helping Your Child with Learning and School
  • Bouncing Off the Walls: Helping the Overactive Child
  • Inoculating Our Children Against Racism
  • Building Support for Your Work as a Parent
  • Looking Toward Adolescence: Staying Close and Staying Hopeful

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