How to Make Screen Time Special Time

A Guest Post with Catherine Fischer With the infiltration of screens at home and at school, it can be hard knowing where to set limits on screen time with children. Often, screen times seem to alienate. Your child goes off … Continue reading

Why Does Parenting Feel So Hard?

Surely not one of us reading this set out thinking that parenting would be a breeze? We hear about sleep deprivation from the moment we announce that we are becoming parents. We know they’ll be allowances. Even when we vow … Continue reading

Play Works Better Than Punishment When It Comes to Sibling Fighting

Sibling rivalry can be really difficult for parents to see – and the conventional view is that we should respond with disapproval, threats of punishment, or other stern actions. However, once we understand that a child who is lashing out is actually feeling stuck – that their emotional brain has some hard feelings to offload – we can start to think about these off-track behaviours in a different way.

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12 ways to beat homework battles

A Guest Post by Abigail Wald Too often kids and parents meet in battle over the homework table, but believe it or not, says Hand in Hand’s Abigail Wald, homework can be, and should be, a time for connection. Talking … Continue reading