parenting your strong-willed child

Why Traditional Discipline Methods Won’t Work With A Strong-Willed Child, And What You Can Do Instead.

Who is this strong-willed child? The strong willed child is an elusive creature. He can assume many shapes and is known by many names, from the affectionate “spunky” and “spirited” to sterner terms such as  “naughty” and “oppositional”. Teachers and educators might consider this child the “troublemaker.” Parents and relatives might call them their “problem

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stop kids tattling in class strategies

Tattling kids? Why kids tattle and how you can stop it: A Step-by-Step Guide for Dealing with Tattling in the Classroom

Tattling can be annoying to all parties involved: the recipient, the person whose wrongdoing is being shared, and anyone within earshot.  Tattling is a quick way to get someone’s attention. Unfortunately, the reason tattling gets our attention is the same reason why we don’t often handle these moments with grace.  Those whining voices act just

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boy going to surgery

Emotional Support For Kids With Medical Needs

    Is your child preparing for surgery? Have they undergone treatment or medical procedures early in their lives? Are they living with an on-going condition that requires medical attention or care? And are you in a position where you need to support them through these challenges? Watch as Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor Johanna

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Bébé allaité

Allaitement et pleurs : quand une vraie écoute nous rapproche de notre bébé

Un article traduit de l’anglais par Sophie Ménard, formatrice certifiée Hand in Hand Quand un bébé naît, une mission délicate et en même temps merveilleuse nous est confiée : apprendre à le connaître. Nous nous familiarisons avec sa façon de dormir et sa façon de manger. Aussi, nous découvrons cette façon incroyable qu’il a de

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Parent Club Weekly Email 1/24/22: Play Diffuses Power Struggles

YOUR VIDEO: Playlistening: Play that Creates Cooperation PLAY with their resistance. LISTEN for the laughter.  You get connection, and often more cooperation YOUR ARTICLE: Building Connection with your child through Play Playlistening eases tensions and helps parent and child dissolve power struggles and daily upsets. BULLET-POINT TIPS TO TACK ON YOUR FRIDGE…  …...

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Dads handling disrespectful behavior

How To Handle Your Child’s Disrespectful Behaviour in a Whole New Way

“People always say ‘choose your battles in parenting’. Let’s choose peace instead. After all, children are not our enemies, and childhood should not be a battleground.’  This wise thinking from L.R. Knost is a wonderful aim—and something that most parents strive for.  None of us begin parenting hoping to spend hours locked in battle. But

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mom feeling lonely about parenting

If Parenting Ever Feels Lonely For You, This Can Help

Did you ever guess parenting could feel so lonely? As parents, we face so many challenges and difficulties, from financial stress, to relationship difficulties, to guilt, exhaustion, sleep deprivation as well as other oppressions, including racism and elitism.  When parenting feels lonely, it impacts your relationships Hand in Hand Parenting’s approach to parenting by connection

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Shows mom after she's helped child through disappointment

Help For The Holidays: How To Deal With A Child’s Disappointments

What happens when a child’s disappointment threatens to overshadow the happiness and joy you have worked so hard to give them? Read on as Raluca Zagura shines new light on disappointment and how to respond when it happens.  The winter holidays are important to many families. We look forward to spending time with loved ones,

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staylistening with more than one child

Words and Phrases to Try When Staylistening With More Than One Child

Children are loud, funny, passionate people. This we know. And while none of us go into parenting hoping our kids will not get on with their siblings or friends, some teasing, squabbling and competing is normal and to be expected. Still it isn’t always easy to listen to upset children, and how we react in

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What to do if your child won't staylisten

Help! My Child Won’t Let Me Staylisten…What Can I Do?

Those of us who know the power in expressing all of our feelings feel differently about crying. Instead of shutting down crying, we welcome the tears.  When those of us in the know get together, we might be overheard excitedly exclaiming “Oh, they had a brilliant, long cry this morning!” with an almost triumphant relief. 

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