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Când copilul tău nu știe ce să facă la Timpul Special

Ai aflat despre Timpul Special în timpul Cursului Starter, la o conferință sau de pe site-ul nostru. Ai auzit de la o prietenă despre rezultatele fantastice pe care ea le-a avut cu copilul ei și despre puterea Timpului Special. Ești acasă acum cu micuțul tău și ești nerăbdătoare să pui în practică și să te

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When Your Child Doesn’t Know What to do for Special Time

You’ve learned about Special Time in a Starter Class or in a talk, or from our web site. You’ve heard of other parents who’ve had an amazing outcome using Special Time. You are home with your little one and are excited to try it and keen to see the results.  However, nothing has prepared you

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One Way to Build Empathy With Parents You Work With

When parents feel supported, they can begin to offload and detect patterns in their behavior. As this happens, they can become receptive to change and new behaviors and have a higher chance of making new habits stick. It all starts with empathy. Hand in Hand’s Robin Setchko shows you how you can use one Hand

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Tween Panel

Interim CEO Noelani Pearl Hunt hosts this tween panel with Certified Instructors Sareli Beltran and Madeleine Winter. Connect with Madeleine (Sydney, AUS) – …

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Quel est le problème avec la fessée ?

Un article traduit de l’anglais par Soizic Le Gouais et Chloé Saint Guilhem, formatrice certifiée Hand in Hand Dans de nombreuses cultures occidentales, la permission de fesser les enfants remonte à très loin dans l’histoire. Beaucoup de nos parents nous ont donné des fessées. Et la plupart d’entre nous se rappellent que nos parents ont

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How to Support Your Growing Preteen

Hand in Hand Founder Patty Wipfler answers your parenting questions on parenting tweens.  For a deep dive into how to use Hand in Hand to create more cooperation and a deeper relationship with your preteen, Patty has created a self-guided video course, Raising Happier Tweens.    To work with an Instructor on a daily basis,

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Starting School Part 1 – How to Pack the Backpack

Starting school, whether it’s for the first time, entering a new school, or even returning to a familiar school after a break, can be a challenge for both our children and ourselves. And we mean “school” whether it’s on campus or at home. While we carefully pack their school bag or plan their timetables with

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starting public school grown ups

Starting School – for Grown Ups

If summer is drawing to a close, you may be starting to think about the start of school.  Or you might be preparing for your child to start school in the New Year.  For some, the new school year is a return to something known and understood. But for those of us beginning school for

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Starting School Part 2 – How to Unpack the Backpack

Starting school for the first time, or after the long summer holidays, can pull up old feelings of separation. Be kind to yourselves and your children: leave time for some extra upsets over the first few weeks, as the scab is lifted again, and as feelings about school and about leaving you surface again. Take every opportunity you can to listen to your child – when they seem to be having big upsets about small things, or they seem to be much more clingy than usual.

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