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Parenting the Strong-Willed Child

You may have heard about how your tenacious, persistent, negotiating go-getter is developing the skills he or she needs to be a great leader in the future, but daily parenting a strong-willed child can feel like an uphill battle. All those constant requests, desires, energy and power play is a lot! This week Abigail and

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Help kids cope with stress and build resilience

Helping Kids Face Stress and Build Resilience

Sometimes the things our children experience can feel really life or death for them, and their upset can trigger us. We might immediately move into fix the situation, to ease their stress and make things better. Although we do this because we care so much, kids build resilience when they work through these difficult life

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The Most Important Question To Ask When Your Child’s Behavior Gets Hard

Did you ever think you got this parenting thing figured out only to find your child brings home some new parenting challenge? Maybe they start shouting potty words at you, seemingly from nowhere? Maybe they start throwing punches when normally they’d been fairly calm? Or maybe things simple things that you ask them do suddenly

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Angry child for podcast about why is my child so angry

Why is my Child So Angry?

This week Abigail and Elle respond to a mom who is Staylistening to her child, but never sees tears. Worse, it seems to her that the more she leans in to listen to her child’s feelings, the more her child gets angry, starts scowling and tries running away. So, this week we’re asking if Staylistening

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Tween Panel

Interim CEO Noelani Pearl Hunt hosts this tween panel with Certified Instructors Sareli Beltran and Madeleine Winter. Connect with Madeleine (Sydney, AUS) – …

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Raising Tweens - they need love and attention

Why Our Tweens Really Need To Feel Our Love And Attention Now

Your child is growing and things are changing. The dynamic at home shifts. Sometimes this feels wonderful. Like, when your child shows accomplishment mastering things he or she enjoys. But other times, the moodiness, rebuttals and their sense of dissatisfaction, with you and the world, can be frustrating and upsetting. Where did that sweet baby

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Three Ways to Help a Competitive Child

What can I do about my competitive child? That’s what one mom asked this week in the Parent Club when she tired of one child constantly showing off about being best to his sibling, and the arguments that followed. It seems like they never stop!  Our instructor Kathy Gordon weighed in with this 3-step plan

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Are You Headed For Parent Burnout?

Have you ever asked yourself where the fun parent went? The parent you that says yes to play-dough tea-parties, the parent you that says yes to piggy-back races and then suggests races to the dinner table? If you have, you probably also have many different responses. You left that fun parent under the washing and

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