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Dads handling disrespectful behavior

How To Handle Your Child’s Disrespectful Behaviour in a Whole New Way

“People always say ‘choose your battles in parenting’. Let’s choose peace instead. After all, children are not our enemies, and childhood should not be a battleground.’  This wise thinking from L.R. Knost is a wonderful aim—and something that most parents strive for.  None of us begin parenting hoping to spend hours locked in battle. But

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mom feeling lonely about parenting

If Parenting Ever Feels Lonely For You, This Can Help

Did you ever guess parenting could feel so lonely? As parents, we face so many challenges and difficulties, from financial stress, to relationship difficulties, to guilt, exhaustion, sleep deprivation as well as other oppressions, including racism and elitism.  When parenting feels lonely, it impacts your relationships Hand in Hand Parenting’s approach to parenting by connection

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staylistening with more than one child

Words and Phrases to Try When Staylistening With More Than One Child

Children are loud, funny, passionate people. This we know. And while none of us go into parenting hoping our kids will not get on with their siblings or friends, some teasing, squabbling and competing is normal and to be expected. Still it isn’t always easy to listen to upset children, and how we react in

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Parent Club Weekly Email: Parenting As A Team, Strategies to Relieve Tensions

YOUR VIDEO: Lowering the Tension in Parenting Relationships When we face what’s hard and work on our feelings, we can lower the tension so that everyone can think more clearly   YOUR ARTICLE: Healing Old Wounds Helped My Marriage Listening Partnerships give us the space we need to explore old hurts and triggers that…...

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Tantrum training for parents

Tantrum Training For Parents In Four Simple Steps

I’ll let you in on a profound insight that changed my life. Your kids don’t need tantrum training but you probably do! No doubt you have always been shown and told that tantrums are a bad thing. It is a common view. But, I think you’ll come to value them—once you see how they can

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Are We Being Oversold On Self-Care?

What do you think of when you think of self-care? Is it a manicure? A bubble bath?  A solo trip to the grocery store? Maybe a chat on the phone with a friend? Finally making that doctor appointment you’ve been putting off in favor of caring for every single person in your household (and maybe

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When a Child Prefers One Parent

It took months to organise, but today you escaped for lunch with two old friends and left your kids with your partner. Secretly, you couldn’t be happier. Your youngest is going through a phase that is really demanding. He says “no,” whenever you ask him to do something, he is constantly asking for things he

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Stop fighting and family tension

Resolving Family Feuds Starts With You

You don’t have to live with family tension year after year. It’s possible to break old patterns of relating and forge new relationships within your family by getting support for yourself, taking the time to listen to your family members, and shining your love on them. Changing family dynamics is not often easy, but it is

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