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Try These Quick, Smart Tips to Conquer Your Parenting Overwhelm

Mom overwhelm is a real thing. Here’s how we handle it You sink down on the rug in tears and wonder how you can ever keep going. Then you see your daughter’s abandoned stuffie under the sofa, next to an overdue library book, so you scoop them out, tuck them on the shelf, shove your

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Two friends looking like they learned to forgive eachother

What we all need to know about fostering forgiveness

Want to teach your child forgiveness? Here are 3 ways to get started.   Let’s face it. No one is perfect. None of us want to be defined by the worst thing we’ve ever done, and we’ve all done things we wish we had not. We all need forgiveness. But it’s way easier to say

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Boy looking very bored

Would you respond like this when your child says “I’m bored?”

How should you respond when your child says, “I’m bored”?   It was finally here. After a long, cold winter and barely-there spring, I was so happy to welcome summer. The day was as pretty as a postcard, with spotless blue skies and, at last, sunshine and warmth. I couldn’t have been more pleased if

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Mom looking amazed. Jaw-drop.

A Remarkably Simple Way to Set Limits With Kids When You Travel

Have you tried this remarkably simple way of setting limits when you travel with your kids? (Or, any place really!) You literally don’t have to say a word. It’s true… not a word. Travel, Kids, It’s Difficult… While there’s definitely the promise of new and exciting times when you travel with your kids, there’s potential

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How to Superboost Your Parent Support Today

The baby woke at 4:00 am. His brother just 45 minutes later. Since then you’ve been puked on, drawn on, and changed three diapers. You burnt a bagel and your kid tipped his cereal over in a rage. Now the baby is screaming because he’s hungry and your son is pulling at your pants leg

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Do you know when your child needs you most of all?

The last time you asked your child to tidy the crayons, they smashed the whole box on the floor and ripped up the color sheet. You have to psyche yourself up when you need them to turn off the TV, because…BOOM! Epic meltdown. Forget about asking for a hug. Your child wriggles away the minute

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How to Keep Parenting Your Strong-willed Child With Respect

If your child is strong-willed it can feel like you are doing everything wrong. You aren’t! Here’s how to keep using the Hand in Hand Tools with your strong-willed child. You start using our tools and see results fast. You find you aren’t yelling so much. You are all laughing and playing more. You see,

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What to Do When Your Family Wants to Rule Your Parenting

How do you make like Meghan Markle and stand strong when you face loud and opposing opinions on how you *should be* raising your child? Meghan and Harry have broken many a protocol since bringing royal baby Archie into the world, from not using the royal family’s preferred hospital to Harry holding Archie at a

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