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Master The Morning Routine When Kids Are Grumpy

It’s a new morning, and your child is grumpy and refuses to get out of bed. “You’re so mean!” your child shouts as you tell her it’s time to get up. “I hate you!” These words seem made to rile a frazzled parent. We spend so much of our life-giving for our kids and loving

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Father and child laughing at bedtime story

Four Steps To A Peaceful Bedtime Routine

A guest post by Irina Nichifiriuc Read this post in Romanian In our house, I faced a series of “battles” and obstacles every night as the day wore on towards bedtime. With three children, I found that the task of getting them to sleep was getting longer and more difficult as I faced more and

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What To Do When The Kids Go Wild!

Imagine this. Your kids are on a playdate. Everything is fine. There are a few giggles.  Some stomping. The next minute? The kids are laughing manically, and the house is so trashed it looks like it has seconds until it falls down around you. The kids have gone wild. What To Do When The Kids

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How to Set Effective Limits and Help Children Cooperate

By Rachel Schofield Like it or not, part of everyday life as a parent is Setting Limits with our child. We naturally want to keep our kids safe, help them build respectful relationships and learn to take care of themselves. And that means we need them to do things like stop snatching toys from a

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How To Respond When a Baby Cries

Babies cry.

It’s hard to listen when all you want to do is find a way to make your baby stop crying. As a parent you’re hard-wired to care when a baby cries, after all. But sometimes, it feels like babies cry for no reason.

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Learning To Cope With My Baby’s Crying

Several years before becoming a Mum I went to stay with a dear friend who had recently given birth. When her baby was crying at times when she wasn’t hungry or cold or wet, she simply held her in her arms and listened to her, reassuring her that all was well. I found this fascinating.

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care-i problema cu bătaia (replay in Romanian)

Georgiana Bucătariu, Brîndușa Milășan, Gina Năstasă și Irina Nichifiriuc Instructori Hand in Hand Parenting în România discută despre efectele negative ale bătăii asupra copiilor și alternativele pe care părinții le au pentru a pune limite. Acest teleseminar gratuit dorește să clarifice câteva aspecte importante ale unui subiect atât de controversat. More from the Hand in

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Parenting Consistently: A New Approach That Actually Works

Have you ever felt bound by the need to be consistent in your parenting, and then felt the failure when you couldn’t be? We’re often told that when we are consistent around schedules, eating, playing, tidying, sleeping, then all will run smooth. Yet, so often that isn’t what we see. And that can feel mighty

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How to Set Limits with Laughter

A Guest Post by Stephanie Parker My daughter is about to turn nine and I’ve been thinking recently that I’d like her to do more around the house. I haven’t spent enough time making this happen in the past, I’ve taken shortcuts by just doing things myself because it’s ‘quicker’. So this morning I’d washed

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