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Support for the most important job you do

Hand in Hand Parenting's connecting strategies are proven to have a profoundly positive impact on families.

There are three ways we can help you understand your child’s behavior and start using warm, connecting tools to change it.

Self-Guided Classes

Work on a specific issue, at your own pace. 

Learn how to apply Hand in Hand tools consistently. Choose from classes on Sleep, Separation Anxiety, Child Aggression, Sibling Rivalry & more. 

Parent Club

Get daily support and guidance from Hand in Hand Instructors. 

Discover how to find more patience and understanding for the hard parts of parenting, as well as practical tools you can use with your children every day.  

Join us for workshops, Q&A's, and parent challenges. 

Private Consultation

Get matched with a Hand in Hand Instructor, and get personalised step-by-step help to solve challenges in your home. 

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