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This is the welcome page for the online Professionals Intensive for Educators class. 
If you would like more information about our Professionals Intensive Program, please visit our Information Page.

          Hand in Hand's Professionals Intensive for Educators


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Structure of the Course

This course runs for 6 weeks. Each week there will be assigned readings and videos and you will participate in a 60-minute mentoring call with 2 to 4 other participants. The calls will be led by a Certified Hand in Hand Instructor who has significant experience in using the Hand in Hand tools in educational settings.

Before your Mentoring Calls

Please plan to read the written materials, watch the videos, and try out that week's listening tool before your mentoring call.  There is a lot of material each week so take a look at what you can. As you progress through the course keep using the first tools, while adding additional ones.

Mentoring Conference Calls

On these calls, you will become part of a learning community. We are firm believers in the power of personal experience. During your group call we will learn from and inspire each other by sharing our experiences and experiments with these tools. Bring your questions and insights to your weekly calls, and your fellow participants will do the same.


We require that you keep confidential any personal feelings and stories you hear during designated listening times. This includes not mentioning personal stories or feelings to the person who shared them, during class or afterwards.


We are continuously evaluating and modifying this course to improve our support for educators. You, or other participants in your call group, may be participating in this course as part of a research study. If so, thank you very much for your contributions! We will not reveal to your co-participants that you are involved in research and any data we collect will be kept confidential and anonymous.

Weekly Surveys

Following each mentoring call please fill out the weekly evaluation ‘quiz' in the online classroom. At the end of the course please fill out the weekly evaluation ‘quiz' for Week 8 as well as the Overall Course Evaluation Module in the online classroom.


For any questions about your course or about resolving technical difficulties, please contact [email protected].

We hope this course will make a positive difference in your life and in your practice!

The Hand in Hand Staff

About the Use of Course Materials and Videos: Please help us protect our copyright.  Class videos, the course manual and the booklets are for the personal use of members of this course only.  Hand in Hand offers a wide variety of materials to the public online, many for free, that will allow you to easily share what you’re learning with your clients and others. All the Listening Partnership (LP) sample videos and audio clips are to be treated with confidentiality. They may be viewed/listened to by you only. Your Instructor will discuss more about confidentiality and the listening process with you during your calls.

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