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Refresh: A step-by-step program that gives you a complete grounding in each of the Hand in Hand Parenting tools, so that you feel confident and able to raise your children using this science-backed approach shown to increase confidence, resilience and compassion.

Whether you’re just starting with Hand in Hand Parenting or you already love the approach and want to be more consistent in using it, this program is for you.

Research shows that a solid parent-child connection results in confident kids who make smarter choices, not out of fear of punishment, but because they are deeply connected, feel valued and trusted. Hand in Hand Parenting is one of those few programs in the world that focuses solely on building that connection, with powerful, practical tools that help you meet your own needs as well as your children’s.

But since most of us didn't grow up being parented with such connection and compassion, parenting this way can feel hard. It takes time and support to step away from old, reactive patterns, like yelling, timeouts or consequences, and practice to use new tools. 

Refresh offers you a roadmap.


After Refresh you will:

Know how to use all the tools to confidently handle your child's challenging behavior with warmth and connection.

Understand your child’s repeated need for limits, and know how to set limits that build cooperation.Use emergency strategies for the times you are all out of patience.

Play more, laugh more, and enjoy sweeter moments with your child, every day.

Remember the joy of being a parent and feel good about yourself, your child, and your parenting.

Have a go-to resource you can use whenever you need a reminder about how to use the tools, the brain science behind them, and recall why they are effective in building strong, nourishing relationships.

Take a deep dive into five refreshing tools that have been transforming families in 221 countries for over 30 years…


Lesson 1: Special Time

Put your child in charge for a short amount of time, while you beam loving attention on your child. Discover how this simple tool restores connection and builds cooperation in just a few minutes a day.

Lesson 2: Setting Limits

Stop off-track behavior with love, warmth, and respect. Use a 3-step process that children will listen to, plus words and phrases that reach an upset child.

Lesson 3: Staylistening

How to listen deeply to your child with warmth and presence when they are distressed. Support your child's emotional well-being and foster resilience so they feel able to do hard things, whether that's make a friend, share a toy or sleep alone.

Lesson 4: Playlistening

Understand how vital play is for children and how to play in a way that promotes laughter and helps children overcome their fears and anxieties. Get ideas for using play to help in hard moments, like drop off or potty learning, and enjoy the extra closeness and fun that comes through play.

Lesson 5: Listening Partnerships

What would it be like if you could melt the stress of parenting away? Welcome to Listening Partnership, the ultimate tool to make sure your needs get met and your cup is filled. A way to clear emotional blocks, find support and find your way back to joy and lightness in your parenting.

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