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"Each time a parent-child connection is strengthened, a child is better equipped to face life’s challenges."

- Patty Wipfler, Founder Hand in Hand

Why Connection Matters

Research shows that a solid adult-child connection builds children’s social, emotional and cognitive functioning and is their biggest defense children have against school drop outs, drugs, violence and other societal challenges. 

For the last 30 years, Hand in Hand has focused on increasing connection and supporting adults and children.

indoor games for kids of all ages

A concrete way to respond to big feelings & challenging behaviors

Hand in Hand offers a new and practical understanding of children's emotions and upset moments. Our tools help ease the stress of handling challenging behaviors, including defiance, aggression & anxiety. 

Instructors certified in the Hand in Hand approach teach the approach in programs, classes, events, online and in-person. 

Our Hope For This Generation & Generations That Follow

Children able to realize their full potential

how to get to responsive parenting

Parents feel guided & empowered

Educators & students have good support

Professionals see improved outcomes

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Hand in Hand's tools can be used reliably in homes, schools & daycare, in therapy and medical settings.
In fact, they can be used anywhere adults and children connect.

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Move beyond aggression

Understand why reasoning, star charts, Time Outs, and other conventional remedies won't shift anger and aggression for long, and learn methods you can use to drain the feelings causing aggression. 

“I am consistently astonished by the results of using the Hand in Hand approach with my kids.”

Featured Courses and Programs

Starter Classes

Get a complete introduction to Hand in Hand's five simple, practical, and therapeutic tools.

Parent Club Community

Daily support, tools and strategies from instructors to ease the day-to-day stress of parenting. 

Foundations for Educators

Build support for yourself and access evidence-based strategies to help children learn, even if they face difficult challenges.

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"Hand in Hand has been life-changing."

This approach and the tools are revolutionary. They're so simple, doable, and intuitive. It brings me back to my deepest knowing and my best thinking. This is so different and very special. I feel like everyone needs to know this.
Adam Sandler
Early Childhood Education Consultant
Hand in Hand was something that I wish my father had to give to me. Without a doubt, I know that I would be a totally different person if my parents knew the information that Hand in Hand teaches.
Shawn Lovett
Father of two
Asked Summer"
Summer Sheldon
Mom and licensed counselor
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