Adolescence and Angst – Staying close to our kids as they get older. Presented by Madeleine Winter

Madeleine Winter
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Adolescence and Angst Free Webinar – Staying Close as our Kids get Older

Things change as our children get older

The pre-teen years (9-12) mark the beginning of the transition from childhood to adolescence. There’s a lot going on – for us and for them.

And if your children are older, there are many challenges in staying close and connected through the sometimes rocky teen years.

Are you confronted with:

  • Kids who aren’t so sure they want you around any more.
  • Emotional volatility (in kids and grownups!).
  • Eye rolling, door banging and other signs of anger and frustration.
  • The growing importance of friendships and peer relationships in our children’s lives.

It’s important to stay connected

Their world is getting more complex – and so is ours. There’s no formula for how to keep things connected with your child as they get older – things that used to work when they were little may now fall flat. But maintaining our sense of playfulness, keeping play alive in our own lives and in our children’s lives, is critical. And so is getting solid emotional support. We need somewhere to off-load our own tensions and frustrations, and work through our own stories.

Listening Tools that grow and change…

Join Madeleine Winter as she explains what is going on for your older kids as they move into adolescence.  She’ll talk about the Hand in Hand Listening Tools, important for maintaining closeness and setting limits, and how they may need some modification so you can meet the needs of your older child.   She’ll cover

  • Building Connection – when they invite you in
  • Why things bother them, and you
  • Expecting upsets (and explosions!)
  • Building support for yourself

Not sure if it is for you? Madeleine loves to help: why not book a Free 20Minute Consultation, and she can help direct you to the best resources and support.


More info

What: Webinar: Adolescence and Angst – Staying Close as our Kids get Older
Who: Parents of children 9+
When: 5-6:30pm Tuesday 9th May, 2023 PDT, which is 10-11:30am, Wednesday 10th May AEST
Where: Zoom conferencing – dial in details provided on registration
Cost: Free.
More Info and to Register:

Madeleine brings a wealth of experience

Madeleine is the parent of a teen who has been using and teaching Hand in Hand for over 30 years. You can find out more here. This is what some parents have said about her work:

“Madeleine has helped me transform my relationship with my 12 year old daughter through her encouragement, listening, and guidance. I was feeling like the worst parent ever and wondering how I could make it through the next 6 years! I’m much better able not to take all the things my daughter says personally and stay open to connecting with her.  I feel like I’m not alone anymore!” A mother, Flagstaff AZ, USA

“I liked being reminded that we are all good parents. The Webinar was informative, and there was time for questions. I wish we had longer – I could always take more listening to you, Madeleine. I really enjoyed today’s session.”  Parent of 15 year old, in Sydney, AU


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