Hand in Hand Parenting Tools Online Starter Class with Kathy Gordon

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Spring Break is coming… and after that SUMMER VACATION!!!

How about some Tools and strategies to make your vacation time full of Connection, Play and even FUN! Consider the Hand in Hand Parenting Tools STARTER CLASS – 6 weeks of strategies and support to help you create more cooperation and peace in your home.

You can join in your jammies via zoom from anywhere. Learn what drives your child’s off-track behavior and how a deeper connection with you can help them get back on track. You’ll learn practical tools while you get feedback, coaching and emotional support.

You’ll change your parenting–and your life as you learn:

The five tools to help you raise a happy, well-rounded child
Why your child throws tantrums and how you can respond to them
How your child’s emotions work and how emotions affect LEARNING
How to heal your child’s fears and increase their capacity to learn
How to help an angry child become playful and compassionate


“Taking a parenting class with Kathy was for me, the best decision a first time mother could have made! I’ve learned how to connect deeply with my 2 year old, and to face, with confidence, the everyday challenges that comes with a raising a young child”.
– Karine, Los Angeles Mom

“Kathy has really supported the parenting community at our school to understand, even more deeply, how to go about Parenting by Connection. She is a wealth of knowledge and parents always leave feeling like they have actual tools, not just theories. She is willing to really listen to the needs of parents. We hope to continue learning from her!”
– Lena Garcia, Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator, The Knowing Garden Community Elementary School

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